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DS Realty Group is your #1 partnership for home buying and selling. We are local, we are global. Any time, anywhere in the world… we’ll take care of you. Derick Harry and Stephanie Remige are the Co-founders and Realtors of DS Realty Group in Central Florida.

We understand the immensity of buying and selling a home. At the core of all real estate transactions is a family or individual that is looking for the very best guidance in the biggest decision they will ever make. We are here to make the transition stress-free, seem-less, and successful. DS Realty Group exists so that you don’t have to worry… we’ll take care of you. Contact Us.

We are advocates for our buyers and sellers, understanding your needs, and standing by you every step of the way, making sure you are in the best position to close on your home successfully. DS Realty Group is the most creative and strategic partnership in all of Central Florida, with marketing plans that have a reputation to set them apart in the real estate world.

Derick Harry, Co-Founder and Realtor, at DS Realty Group, grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Derick has lived in Orlando for over 15 years, and calls Orlando his home. A family man, with two beautiful children, Layla and Jakob, and married to Cristina Harry, Derick has built DS Realty around his core values and beliefs. “Your home should be the place where memories will thrive, and where you will create an enjoyable lifestyle,” Derick shares. Before real estate, Derick helped businesses build success in the wireless world. Now, he owns a family restaurant business in South Florida, and is passionate everyday about representing his clients in real estate.

Stephanie Remige, Co-Founder and Realtor, at DS Realty Group, grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Stephanie calls Orlando home, with her two beautiful children, Addison and Braxton. Stephanie has built her name in real estate marketing and in Public Relations, as the marketing and PR director for a number of brands. Before diving into real estate, Stephanie founded a fashion and lifestyle brand in New York City, which focused on the passion and success of individuals building a business. Stephanie understands and nurtures the complexity of home buying and selling, knowing how to market a home to its fullest capacity, using strategies and secrets that are unmatched in the real estate industry.

Preferred Lender

Lenny Moniz of Mortgage Equity Partners, is our Preferred Lender. For over 16 years, Lenny has helped buyers get into the homes they desire, while educating them on the different loan programs available. Lenny builds long-lasting meaningful relationships with his clients, and works in their very best interest. Lenny’s mission in business aligns with DS Realty Group, as he is an advocate for his buyers, making sure they are in the best position possible to buy a home while understanding the process through and through. Lenny is a strong communicator, a hard worker, and is reliable. Having Lenny as our Preferred Lender has made our business thrive and become even more meaningful for our buyers.

Get Pre-Qualified by Lenny, and Take the First Step to Buying Your Dream Home.  

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