Multiple Offers- Tips for Buyers Making Bids

The most ideal situation for a seller is to be in a multiple bids negotiation. In a seller's market this is a common scenario. Sellers with more than one offer will pick the "best" one, though "best" is an undefined term– in the case of an offer, it's all in how the sellers view it. Buyers hoping to win a bid should consider all the variables and plan accordingly. Some things to consider when talking...

Stoneybrook’s Solar-Powered Home Hits the Market: 2518 Dover Glen Circle Orlando, FL 32828

  Be prepared to be one of the many buyers to walk into this highly-desired home, that just hit the market. A home with top-notch solar power, netting a barely-there electricity bill, every month. And, for Florida, that's a huge incentive, (and an expensive 30K investment)! Located in East Orlando's prestigious golf course community, accompanying the sports enthusiast with an olympic size pool, tennis...

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