Congratulations, Mihae & Walter, On Your Smart Investment

Mihae and Walter made an investment to buy a home in Orlando for their children. Like all moms and dads, they want the best for their children, so the home they bought will be the home that their daughter and son will live in as they continue their college careers as UCF and Valencia. Talk about a SMART investment! Mihae and Walter bought a beautiful 4-bedroom home, close to both Valencia and UCF, and plan to rent out the other two bedrooms. With rent prices on the rise, investing in a house is the smartest approach to growing your money.

We were so pleased to guide Mihae and Walter through this process. Our preferred lender, Lenny Moniz, played an essential role in getting Mihae and Walter the home they needed for their investment. We are so happy to be a part of a¬†brighter future for Mihae and Walter’s children, and for themselves, through their smart investment.

Want to gain knowledge on a how to make a smart investment in today’s housing market? Talk to us. #KnowledgeIsPower

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